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Carson Valley Kennels & Grooming provides a full-time on-premises professional

grooming staff to make your dog (or cat) look & feel its best.

Call today for an appointment (775) 782-1976

Grooming prices will vary depending upon your pet’s breed, personality, condition of the coat/skin, or if fleas/ticks are present.

The following prices are listed as starting points only. The actual price for your pet may be different due to coat condition & dog temperament.  Our professional groomers will help evaluate your dog at the time of drop-off.


   Small dog bath & nails $20 & up       Small dog groom $43 & up

                 Medium dog bath & nails $35 & up    Medium dog groom $48 & up

                  Large dog bath & nails $45 & up       Large dog groom $53 & up


     We will be grooming cats by reservation only on Saturdays.

                 - Baths start @ $30

 - Clips start @ $45


Pets whose coats have mats (thick masses of knots) generally need to have the mats clipped out sometimes requiring clipping the whole pet, as this type of knot is painful to the pet and impossible to brush out. Mats can also cause large raw patches on your pet due to moisture being trapped next to the skin, which allows bacteria to grow. De-matting can be very time consuming.  We can discuss the best approach for your pet.

Grooming Pricing

Grooming Shop Hours:

Monday thru Friday open at 7:30am

Professional cat grooming available on Saturday

by appointment; please call

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